It has become increasingly apparent that there is a distinct link between arson attacks and domestic violence. The Fire Crime Unit is working closely with partners within the Police and Local Authority to ensure victims feel safer in their own homes.

This may include the installation of letterbox blanking plates, additional smoke alarms and assistance, if required, in creating a ‘safe room’.

Attendance at Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARACs) ensures we work collaboratively with partner agencies and that Fire Crime Unit Practitioners are able to make arrangements to visit a property when an urgent case of domestic violence is identified. There is also a referral process which enables agencies to refer victims into the Fire Crime Unit if it is believed they could be at risk of arson. Fire Crime Practitioners will then contact victims to arrange visits.

We continue to raise awareness within South Wales Fire and Rescue Service of issues surrounding domestic violence and hate crime and its impact on our organisation and the communities we serve.