As the roads get busier, here are some points to bear in mind while driving.  

  • As more people took up cycling during lockdown there will be more cyclists on the road in many areas. Please remember to leave adequate space when overtaking and wait until there is a suitable gap. Watch our video on Dutch Reach

  • Temporary social-distancing measures mean road layouts may have changed, for example pop-up cycle lanes, extended pavements, parking bays being removed etc. Please be mindful of this when driving.
  • Is your vehicle safe and legal? Some of us might not have used our car in a while. Take it for a drive, make sure it’s operating to normal standard and ensure all P.O.W.D.E.R.S checks are complete.


P.O.W.D.E.R.S Check


  • Keep your tank at least one quarter full to avoid running out on your journey.
  • This will help you to avoid breaking down on a busy road or motorway and potentially putting yourself and others at risk.



  • Maintaining the correct oil level is essential to prevent your engine from seizing up and breaking down.



  • Check the level of coolant.
  • To ensure you have good visibility, always keep your screen wash topped up so you can clear any debris or dirt off your windscreen.
  • Keep a sealed bottle of water in your vehicle, for emergencies.



  • Check the vehicle for damage, including wiper blades.



  • Check all of the lights are in working order – they are not only essential for you; they are also essential for other drivers to understand how you are driving your vehicle and how you intend to manoeuvre.



  • It is a legal requirement that each of your tyres has a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.
  • The minimum tread depth for motorcycle tyres in the UK is 1.0mm. Visually check both walls of each tyre to make sure there are no cracks starting to form due to lack of use or age
  • You could receive a £2,500 fine and 3 penalty points per tyre if you have illegal tyres
  • Driving with under-inflated or over-inflated tyres can adversely affect your braking distance, steering, fuel efficiency and lifetime of your tyres.



  • Make sure you are well rested and are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Read more on Fatal 5 
  • Plan your route and plan breaks during your journey.


Visit the Road Safety Wales website for info on Child Pedestrian Training.