Learn about fire doors and the minimum standards to make sure that property you own or manage is safe in the event of a fire.

What is a Fire Door?

We walk past dozens of fire doors every day without even noticing them. We don’t give them a second thought – at least, not until we need them.

Fire doors are specially engineered to ensure when they are closed they prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

If a fire door is properly made by a certified manufacturer, with compatible parts and certified by an accredited third party, it should hold back a fire for a specified time which will be dependent on its location and intended use.

Importance of Fire Doors

  • Fire doors must function correctly in order to save lives.
  • They must be tested and third-party certificated to BS 476 Part 22 or BS EN 1634-1.
  • They must be fitted with the correct and compatible components suited to the door leaf and its purpose.
  • They should be installed and maintained by those with the relevant expertise.


If you live in a flat your flat entrance door should be a fire door. Doors that are not fire-rated may compromise the safety of yourself, your family and your neighbours. For further information see “Fire doors in blocks of flats and similar buildings”.

How safe are your Fire Doors?

Fire Doors – Do’s and Don’ts


  • Purchase fire doors, frames and components from certificated companies.
  • Ensure the correct certification is chosen for the door’s intended use.
  • Use competent personnel to install and maintain your fire doors.
  • Ensure all fire door ironmongery is CE marked for quality.
  • Check the fire door safety certificate. Make sure it matches the door and that all of the information is correct and clearly visible.
  • Check your fire doors regularly.


  • Cut vision panels on site.
  • Treat a fire door like an ordinary door.
  • Make on site repairs.
  • Wedge open fire doors or place items near fire doors that would prevent them closing automatically.
  • Remove any self-closing devices fitted to the fire door.

Finding a fire door installer

Installing a fire door correctly is as important as ensuring the door itself is to the correct standard. A third-party accredited fire door installer should be used. There are various third-party accredited schemes, which allow you to view their registers and locate a suitably qualified tradesperson.


If you have a fire safety concern, please report it here.


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