We support one of the highest life safety systems, and that is the installation of domestic sprinklers


Since 2001 – 243 deaths occurred in dwelling houses in Wales.

In 2013-14 almost 90% of UK fire related deaths occurred in dwelling houses. Firefighters now use 20 times more water than a sprinkler with the cost of property damage reduced by up to 90%. Risk of false alarms significantly reduced.

Sprinkler timeline

Sprinklers can:

  • Reduce death and injury in fire
  • Reduce the risk to fire fighters
  • Protect property and heritage
  • Reduce the effects of arson
  • Reduce fire costs and disruption to the community and business
  • Simply reduces risk to life!!

Householders Guide to Fire Sprinklers


Regulations: (2014) applied to new and converted:

  • Care Homes (as defined in the Care Standards Act 2000)
  • Children’s Residential Homes
  • Boarding Houses
  • Halls of Residences
  • Hostels (other than hostels intended for temporary accommodation for leisure purposes e.g. not Youth Hostels or backpacker hostels)


In 2016 New Regulations also applied to:

  • Houses
  • Flats
  • Any other residential purpose
  • This applies to any property that is becoming residential, therefore:
  • All New Build construction
  • Existing (non-residential properties converted to new residential use)
  • Now to include Holiday Lets


The new regulations do not apply to:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Prisons
  • Residential caravans


The new regulations apply when a new building work creates a new residence or residences, or when a change of use occurs to convert an existing building into a new residence or residences.

Standards of systems:

BS EN 12845:2015 (commercial systems)

BS 9251:2021 (residential occupancies)

BS 8458:2015 (residential water mist systems)



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