My smoke alarm is beeping – what do I do?

Remember – Only Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives

If you have alarms that we installed:

You can use these simple troubleshooting guides to make sure that the alarm doesn’t just need a little care and maintenance.

The guides also include contact details of the manufacturer so that you can ring them for advice.

If you are still not happy and you are still experiencing an issue then please contact us by:

E-mailing us at

Calling us on 0800 169 1234

If you have alarms that you bought from a reputable DIY Store and fitted yourself:

Check the guidance that came with the alarm to make sure you are following the manufacturer’s guidance – there should be a contact number in there that you can ring for advice.

If you have mains operated alarms that run off your electricity supply:

Check the battery – electric alarms normally have a 9v back up battery in them in case you have a power cut. This should be changed every year and can make your alarm beep if it’s running out.

If you have changed this and the alarm is still beeping please contact a qualified electrician for advice and to check your electrical supply.

Remember to Test your alarm weekly #testittuesday