South Wales Fire and Rescue Service is committed to keeping communities safe. We have compiled some tips to help students in South Wales reduce the risk of fire wherever you live during term time.   Following these basic home safety tips and adopting them into your daily routine will help to make your home from home safer:

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Working smoke alarms save lives

  • Remember, a smoke alarm can only warn you if it works properly. If you’re renting or sharing, your landlord should have installed smoke alarms – usually one on each floor of your building. Test it once a week to make sure it’s working. Check your landlord is listed on Rent Smart Wales as they should be complying with the law on fire safety.
  • If you’re in halls or student apartments, if there is a fire alarm panel present, check it is working and no ‘faults’ are showing. Also, confirm the alarm system is tested regularly.


Know your escape route

  • Plan how you would get out if there was a fire. If you’re in a rented house – make sure that exits are clutter free – and that includes bikes!
  • If you’re in halls or apartments – get to know your building’s evacuation plan; ask your building manager, warden or student accommodation team.


Take care when cooking

  • Microwaves can overheat if you stack things on top of them, so keep some space around them.
  • Don’t put anything metal in the microwave.
  • It’s never a good idea to cook after a heavy night out. You may fall asleep or forget about it.
  • Empty the toaster tray from time to time and don’t let the microwave, oven or grill get too dirty! A build up of fat and grease is a major cause of kitchen fires.
  • If you do accidentally burn your fingers while cooking, run your fingers under a cold tap for 20 minutes. We know you’re not children, but follow the ‘cool, call, cover’ advice from the Children’s Burn Trust.


Fridge freezers, washing machines and tumble dryers

  • Empty the filter of washing machines and tumble dryers regularly.
  • Keep them clean and in good working order and check for British or European safety marks –eg the CE kitemark.
  • Watch the videos on white goods safety in the links below….


Tech and charging

  • If you’re buying any second hand tech goods, check that they have been PAT tested and that any cables and leads are intact and not frayed with any exposed wires. Read more advice on extensions and leads
  • Watch out for fake and counterfeit goods, especially if you’re buying online. Read more on safe shopping.
  • Use a maximum of one plug in each socket. Don’t overload extension leads with too many electrical goods. Check the socket calculator


Take care with candles

  • Try not to move candles when they are lit.
  • Keep candles away from curtains, papers, open windows and draughts.
  • Make sure that candles are out before you leave a room or go to bed.
  • Read more candle safety advice


If you do smoke

  • Use a proper ashtray and not a bin or anything that could catch fire.
  • Smoke outside or in designated smoking areas, and never smoke in bed.


If in doubt

If you have concerns regarding Fire Safety contact South Wales Fire and Rescue Service you can report a fire safety concern online or ring  01443 232716 during normal office hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

If there’s a fire where you live, do call 999.

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