Welsh Language Rights’ Day

Welsh Language Rights Day was launched on 6th December 2019 and is now an Annual event. The purpose of this event is for organisations to promote the Welsh Language Services they provide and inform people of their rights to receive services through the medium of Welsh.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service supports Welsh Language Rights’ Day.  We have published a list of rights so that our service users know what they are entitled to through the medium of Welsh.  We would like to see more people opting to use our services in Welsh.

The Welsh Language Rights were developed from the Welsh Language Standards.  Please see our Welsh Language Standards page for further information.

“Today there are over 120 organisations operating the Welsh language standards, which means that the public have a right to use the language with them. We are pleased that organisations such as South Wales Fire and Rescue Service have taken the opportunity today to promote Welsh language rights. Let us now, as Welsh speakers and learners, make the most of our rights and choose the language.”

Aled Roberts, Welsh Language Commissioner

With us, you have the right to…

  1. Documents in Welsh
  2. Websites in Welsh
  3. Apply for a job in Welsh
  4. Letters and emails in Welsh
  5. Leaflets in Welsh
  6. Social media messages in Welsh
  7. Signs in Welsh
  8. Speak Welsh in reception
  9. Use Welsh on the phone


These are some of the rights.  For a full list and exact details of your rights to use the Welsh Language, go to the Welsh Language Commissioner website.