Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

The ELT comprises of:


Stuart Millington – Interim Chief Fire Officer (I/CFO)

As Interim CFO, Stuart is responsible for the strategic leadership of all staff and overall co-ordination of the Fire and Rescue Service. Stuart is also Head of Paid Service.


Dean Loader – Temporary Assistant Chief Fire Officer (T/ACFO) – Director of Service Delivery

Dean is responsible for:

  • Operations
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Fire Control


Brian Thompson – Temporary Assistant Chief Fire Officer (T/ACFO) – Director of Technical Services

Brian is responsible for:

  • Fleet and Engineering
  • Risk Reduction
  • Training
  • ICT


Geraint Thomas – Assistant Chief Officer (ACO) – Director of Corporate Services

Geraint is responsible for:

  • Media and Communications
  • Performance Planning
  • Information Governance
  • Property
  • Business Support
  • Finance and Procurement
  • Legal and Insurance Monitoring Officer
  • SIRO, SRO and Proper Officer


Alison Reed – Assistant Chief Officer (ACO) – Director of People Services

Alison is responsible for:

  • Human Resources
  • Occupational Health
  • Welsh Language
  • Equality and Diversity


Chris Barton – Treasurer

Chris is the responsible Finance Officer.


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