Following the publication on 3 January of the independent report by Fenella Morris KC on the culture and values of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, which exposed widespread discriminatory and abusive behaviour at all levels and serious underlying failures of leadership and management, the Welsh Government under the direction of the Deputy Minister for Social Partnership used powers under Section 29(5) and (6) of the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2009 to remove the governance functions of the Fire Authority and transfer them to four appointed Commissioners.


The Commissioners have been charged with ensuring the full and sustainable implementation of recommendations arising from the Morris Review, as well as acting on recommendations of the Welsh Government’s Chief Fire and Rescue Advisor. They will have full powers to restructure and reform Service management and instil a positive, non-discriminatory culture.


The Commissioners are:

Carl Foulkes (former Chief Constable of North Wales Police)

Vij Randeniya (former Chief Fire Officer for the West Midlands)

Baroness Wilcox of Newport (former Leader of Newport City Council)

Kirsty Williams (former Member of the Senedd and Minister for Education)


“We know this is a difficult and unsettling time for staff, stakeholders, and the communities we serve. This is a critical moment for the Service, and an opportunity to make real and sustainable changes that re-establish South Wales Fire and Rescue as both a high achieving organisation and as a partner of choice.

“This is the time for the talent within SWFRS to join with us as Commissioners, and work together to deliver this challenging improvement agenda at pace and with empathy. We will remain in post until South Wales Fire and Rescue Service is demonstrably an inclusive and welcoming workplace for all, and has the leadership and governance structures in place to support that commitment.

“First though, we need to get to know you and the Service. To that end, we have begun a series of visits and conversations, which will see us reach out to the entire organisation in the coming days and weeks.”


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South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority

Following the implementation of “The South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority (Exercise of Functions)(Wales) Directions 2024” on the 5th February 2024, the Fire and Rescue Authority ceased to perform its duties, which are now fulfilled by the Welsh Government appointed Commissioners.

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