Welsh Language Standards

In Wales, the Welsh language has equal legal status with English and must not be treated less favourably. All public bodies in Wales, including Fire and Rescue Authorities, must comply with a set of Welsh Language Standards. Each public sector body has its own specific Welsh Language Standards, click below to see the Welsh Language Standards that apply to South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority.  

South Wales Fire Authority Compliance Notice 2017

“Welsh Language Standards Implementation Plan”

South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority is legally required to publish a document noting how it intends to comply with the Welsh Language Standards and what its internal processes are for oversight and monitoring implementation. Click below to see this document, which is called a Welsh Language Standards Implementation Plan.

Welsh Language Standards Implementation Plan

Making a complaint about:

Should you wish to make a complaint about the standard of a Welsh language service provided by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, or its failure to comply with South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority Welsh Language Standards Compliance Notice please contact us.