South Wales Fire and Rescue Service 

Since 1 April 1996, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service has been the responsibility of the South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority. Management responsibility for the Service rests with the Chief Fire Officer who is supported by five Principal Officers and a policy-making Corporate Continuity Board. Our strategic goals are outlined in our Vision and Mission statements.

South Wales FRS’ (SWFRS) Vision, Mission and Values are what drives our Service and motivates our people.

The organisation has changed greatly since the original Vision, Mission and Values were set in 1996.  Consequently, the Vision and Mission were updated during 2012, by senior and middle management, to reflect the organisation today and its current challenges.  The Values were also re-visited in a sequence of workshops where the views of a cross section of the entire Service were taken into account.

We want to protect and serve all of the people in the 10 Unitary Authorities that make up our diverse area. We work in partnership with our colleagues in other frontline services and recognise our responsibilities to the environment.  We are mindful of the need to provide the right service, in the right place at the right times and, as a consequence, one of our two Improvement Objectives for 2013-14 is to more closely consult and engage with the community we serve.

Underpinning every task we undertake are our Values, which reflect the pride we all feel in the service we deliver.  Our Values are built around the belief that we are one team, working together, protecting and serving the communities in which we live, work and visit with pride. 

Our Vision

To make South Wales safer by reducing risk.
Our Vision Statement describes an ideal future and unites SWFRS around a common purpose.

Our Mission
We will achieve our Vision by:

 - Serving our communities’ needs
 - Working with others
 - Facing challenges through innovation and improvement
 - Reducing Risk through education, enforcement and response
 - Succeeding in making South Wales safer

Our mission statement describes the overall purpose of SWFRS: what we do, who we do it for, and how and why we do it. It also sets the boundaries of our current activities.

Our Values
Our VALUES define what we stand for — they are our core rules. Once defined, the values that are important to us should be reflected in everything we do.

SWFRS has a set of values which describe how we will work as an organisation. Whenever you come into contact with SWFRS, as a member of public, a partner, a business or a member of staff, these values should always be evident.

We will be caring and compassionate displaying concern and empathy for others.

We are dedicated to the communities where we live, work and visit. We are devoted to saving lives and working in partnerships as an integral part of our communities.

We are clear about our roles and operate within agreed levels of authority, within a disciplined environment. We consider that the highest form of discipline is self-discipline.

We will embrace, and are capable, of changing or being changed. We partake in vigorous activity, with energy and enthusiasm, achieving high effectiveness.

We will demonstrate professionalism in all that we undertake. This means we will carry out our duties in a competent and dependable manner, demonstrating expertise in all that we do and ensuring that we demonstrate commitment to the high standards expected of SWFRS at all times.

We will anticipate risk, limit impact, and bounce back rapidly through adaptability, evolution and growth in the face of turbulent change. We will withstand and recover quickly from difficult conditions.

We will respect each other and the communities we serve. This means treating people fairly, accepting differences and acknowledging the contribution of our colleagues and our communities.

We can be relied on to be honest and truthful.
Our values reflect the core ideology of SWFRS.


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