Wholetime Duty System Firefighter

More Than Fire

Are you serious about fire safety and able to demonstrate the skills relevant to being a modern day Firefighter? 

The Fire and Rescue Service has changed considerably over the last few years and the role of Firefighter has adapted to reflect this, and to meet the demands from the local community.

The modern Firefighter still fulfils the traditional duties of responding to fires and Special Service Calls e.g. road traffic collisions, chemical emergencies, flooding and other natural disasters. However, the modern Firefighter is also able to switch from this reactive role, to a more preventative role involving educating our communities.

Firefighters need to be able to communicate with all groups within the community but especially those ‘at risk’, such as the elderly and children.  As well as communicating through talks, demonstrations and presentations, our Firefighters visit the people we serve at home, often involving a Safe and Well visit, to ensure they know how to keep themselves safe from fire and what to do in case of an emergency.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and details of any future Wholetime Duty System campaigns will be advertised on this page.


Firefighter Physical and Practical Tests

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Any further enquiries please contact the recruitment team on 01443 232200.

We’re currently recruiting On-Call Firefighters at a number of stations across South Wales. Find out more about the role and see if your local station is recruiting by visiting our On-Call Firefighters Page.