Q&A session with the Culture Review Team

The Independent Culture Review within South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS), led by Chairperson Fenella Morris KC, is now underway. 

The Culture Review Team invites current and former members of staff (who have left SWFRS within the last seven years), partner agencies and Blue Light colleagues, plus members of the public who would like to share their experiences with the Team to contact the team directly, by emailing swfrsreview@gmail.com. 

The Team is keen to hear from everyone who is part of or who comes into contact with the South Wales Fire and Rescue, whether their experiences are good, bad or indifferent, to feed into the Culture Review. 

On Thursday 18 May 2023 from 10.30 to 11.00 a.m. Fenella Morris KC will introduce the Culture Review in person, with some of her team, at the offices of Blake Morgan, Central Square, Cardiff and there will be an open Question-and-Answer session.  

The session will be livestreamed and a limited number of people will be able to attend in person due to space restrictions.  

Following the session, there will be time slots where anyone who would like to speak with the Culture Review Team can talk directly to them either in person or over Teams.  There will be other opportunities to speak with the Team after this, in different formats, but the Team hopes that some people will take this opportunity at the start. 

If you would like to attend the session in person, or book a slot with the Team, please contact Fenella Morris KC and the Culture Review Team via their direct private email address: swfrsreview@gmail.com 


Livestream joining instructions

To join the livestream please visit the following:


The livestream should start promptly at 10.30 am.  

  • Tip 1 = Make sure you have the volume up on your device! 
  • Tip 2 = If you are on the page past 10.30 am and can’t see the talk, refresh your web browser through F5 or by clicking the circular arrow to reload the page.
  • Tip 3 = You can put questions forward using the questions box – you may need to rotate your device to landscape to see the questions box.

As this is a public forum open to external parties, there is no password to join.

All parties are politely informed that this link is for viewing only. Any filming, recording or sharing of any aspect of the presentation or event is strictly forbidden. The livestream is being recorded by the team and will be made available the following week. All are reminded to abide by our Social Media Rules.

To raise a question on the livestream, you can add a question in the Q&A box on the Vimeo link. You can remain anonymous if you wish or enter your name, which will be displayed with the question. Questions are welcome in both Welsh and English.


Unable to join this session?  

The livestream will be recorded and made available at a later date. 

You can contact the Culture Review Team at any time, by emailing: swfrsreview@gmail.com 


Privacy Information

For information on how the Culture Review will protect and process your information, please see the Review’s Privacy Notice. For information as to how and why SWFRS will share and disclose personal data it holds to the Review, please see SWFRS’s Privacy Notice regarding the sharing of personal data between SWFRS and the Review.