Home Safety Week (30th Sept – 6th Oct)

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service is supporting the National Fire Chiefs Councils (NFCC) Home Safety Week, which runs from 30th September to 6th October. The campaign is encouraging households to check smoke detectors are right for their homes needs and will provide them with an early warning in the event of a fire.

Most homes have smoke detectors installed but in nearly 20% of accidental dwelling fires in the UK, the detectors failed to actuate. The most common reasons were, the smoke failed to reach the detector (inappropriately sited) and also because batteries were either missing or depleted.

Alongside the NFCC we’re encouraging people to:

  • Replace detectors every ten years – even if they appear to work when tested
  • Purchase a sealed unit detector, so batteries cannot be removed or tampered with

Head of Home Safety at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Neil Davies said: ‘We would encourage the residents of South Wales to have at least one smoke detector on each level and a heat detector in their kitchen, as a minimum standard of detection. Residents should test the detectors weekly; we advocate “Test it Tuesday” by way of a reminder as these tests can often be overlooked with today’s busy lifestyles.

Residents should also have an evacuation plan in the event of a fire and all members of the family and guests should be familiar with it. Exit routes should be free from clutter and alternate exits should be factored in to the plan in the event of the normal route becoming inaccessible due to fire.

Night time routines are always a good idea to complete before retiring to bed. This will give you piece of mind that all cigarettes, candles and fires are completely extinguished.  Electrical items that are not designed to be left powered on are switched off, internal doors are closed and always leave door keys where everyone can find them. We offer free Home Fire Safety Checks conducted by frontline professional crews and/or Home Safety Practitioners that are well versed in risk and hazard identification. To take advantage of our FREE service you can leave your details on our Freephone number 0800 169 1234, and your call will be returned or complete the following online form  https://www.southwales-fire.gov.uk/your-safety-wellbeing/at-home/request-a-visit/. For people with hearing impairments, we offer hard of hearing detection systems that are interlinked with vibrating pads and flashing strobes.”

For the latest up to date advice and information about smoke detectors and home safety please see the Service website’s section on home safety here: https://www.southwales-fire.gov.uk/your-safety-wellbeing/at-home/.