Working in partnership with schools is key to our prevention efforts, helping keep our communities safe.

  • Preventing children and young people being harmed or killed in accidental fires or causing fires through ignorance or carelessness.
  • Preventing children and young people becoming involved in fire crime and associated anti-social behaviour
  • To work co-operatively to maximize the impact of resources on improving outcomes
  • To fully evaluate the effect of the initiatives and intervention with partners

For information on Youth Engagement and Intervention, a targeted approach, click here.

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We believe the best way to reduce risk is through education and prevention, that’s why our specialist Education and Youth Services teams teach children and young people across the South Wales Service area about the importance of fire safety.

Children and young people have different educational needs and our dedicated staff have developed tailored workshops for those of Primary and Secondary school age; whether it’s teaching them about smoke alarms, or the consequences of deliberate fire setting.

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