“Thank you all so much, I cannot express our gratitude enough”

In the early hours of Thursday morning a neighbour alerted our control room operators to a greenhouse fire in Pontnewydd, Cwmbran.  A crew was dispatched to the scene to find the outbuilding well alight and close to an occupied house. Firefighters worked quickly to extinguish the fire and ensure all of the occupants were safe with no injuries and that there was limited damage to surrounding properties.

Joel Cox’s wife spotted the fire and raised the alarm, he said: “As my bedroom looks over the back gardens I woke up to an Armageddon orange glow from the fire and to be fair it was terrifying! I quickly called 999 and got through to the fire service as my partner ran around and woke our neighbours up getting them out of bed and the house. All of us were amazed at the ridiculously quick response time from your crews and such a good job they did on arrival, making sure that the blaze did not spread further. Thank you all so much, I cannot express our gratitude enough as no doubt with a slower and less able crew the fire could have gotten worse and the unthinkable possibly happened. Thank you all so much for your work and continued effort in helping people in their worst moments!!!”

Blue Watch Crew Manager Ben Graham from Cwmbran Station who attended the scene said: ‘We’re overwhelmed with Joel’s feedback. We were only doing our job but it’s always nice to have appreciation, this is exactly why we come to work every day with pride.’