SWFRS Six Nations Safety Guide

We at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service hope that everyone enjoys this year’s Six Nations Championship. We know that people enjoy a few drinks whilst cheering on their team, but we urge you to drink responsibly and remember the following safety advice;

Don’t drink and drive

Don’t risk being one of the 100,000 drink or drug drivers caught each year. You could face a minimum 12 month ban, a large fine, a criminal record or even imprisonment.

Don’t attempt to cook if you’ve had a drink

Remember – fire starts when your attention stops! Unattended cooking is one of the biggest causes of house fires in South Wales and can lead to tragic consequences. If you’re out at a party or if you’re just having a night out down the pub, it’s best to buy food on the way home, rather than attempting to cook when you get back. If you do want to make something when you get home, then it’s best to prepare cold food.

Download a copy of our safe and well booklet here.

Stay safe around water

You should never go in the water after drinking. Alcohol is a contributing factor in many water related incidents as it seriously impairs your judgement, reactions and ability to swim.

“You should never go in the water after drinking. Alcohol is a contributing factor in many water related incidents. It can seriously impair your judgement, reactions and ability to swim. If you’re going to drink, save it for after you’ve been swimming. Lots of accidents relating to drink originate near, rather than in, the water. So if you’re out drinking near the sea or a river, look out for your mates.”
Respect the Water RNLI campaign

Find more information about water safety here.