Surround The Town

This morning (Wednesday 2nd October 2019) we are working with GoSafe, the road casualty organisation, in partnership with Gwent Police and Newport City, to tackle safe driving and local crime priorities. ‘Surround the town’ will be running across Newport with multiple teams working across the city.

Through close partnership working the aim of this operation is to support the people of Newport and ensure they can live, work and visit in a safe environment. To do this the joint operation will encompass a number of initiatives that cover motoring offenses, parking and local enforcement, collision and speed awareness, anti-social behaviour, drug offenses and organised crime groups.

The operation will involve various key activities, including:

  • Proactive stops by police on cars, targeting areas of concern around the city.
  • Engagement with residents about housing/littering/abandoned vehicles.
  • Enforcement of speeding, mobile phone, seatbelts and other road traffic offences.
  • Driver awareness around cyclists and road safety.
  • Parking enforcement and environment waste enforcement.
  • Local policing priorities including; off-road bikes, anti-social behaviour, drug use / supply and organised crime groups.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Road Traffic Reduction Station Manager, Stuart Townsend said; “This is a great opportunity to work in partnership in reducing incidents on our roads.

“Our fire teams look to use education and prevention and will be on hand to provide information, advice and guidance on all road safety matters including highlighting the risks relating to the Fatal 5 which includes drink/drug driving, reducing speed, careless driving and wearing a seatbelt. Far too many people are seriously injured and killed in driving incidents, so anything we can do which gets the message across about being safe, sensible and considerate of other roads users is crucial.

“We’ll be engaging with cyclists and drivers through raising awareness to reduce the number of accidents caused by not allowing enough space whilst overtaking. We’ll also be putting a crash car within Friars Walk shopping centre, to engage with shoppers around how simple steps on keeping safe on the road can ultimately save lives.”

As well as the vehicle in Friar’s Walk shopping centre, Gwent Police’s Crash Detectives will visit the city centre to enforce the message around the consequences of road traffic collisions. Students at the University of South Wales Newport campus will also have the opportunity to see road safety films through virtual reality, courtesy of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

Gwent Police GoSafe Coordination, Sergeant Jason Williams said; “’Surround the Town’ is an initiative which aims to improve the lives of all who live, work and visit Newport. We all have the right to use the roads safely and through working together as partners we hope that our messages will make a difference, making Newport a safer place for everyone.

“We know that the majority of road users comply with speed limits, ensure they wear a seatbelt and do not use their mobile phones when behind the wheel. This operation is targeting the minority who do not. Through educating them on the dangers and consequences we hope to see an increase in compliance.”

The operation sees the cooperation of GoSafe, Gwent Police, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and Newport City Council. Surround the town will be visible across the city at various points of the day.”

Newport City Council enforcement officers will also be out to look at waste management, litter and parking. A spokesperson for Newport City Council said; “Newport City Council is delighted to be able to support the Surround the Town initiative along with Gwent Police and the fire service.

“City Services staff will be concentrating on checking local businesses are adhering to waste regulations and ensuring illegal waste is not being dumped. They will also be advising City Living residents in managing their waste as well as providing cleansing services in the city centre.

“Civil Parking Enforcement officers will also be visible in the town centre carrying out their duties to ensure the city is a safe place for pedestrians and motorists.”

Surround The Town aims to reduce anti-social behaviour on the streets and roads of Newport, tackling issues that affect the city, through a single day of action that will demonstrate what the emergency services and our partners tackle every day whilst educating the public.