South Wales Fire and Rescue Service pledged to slash carbon footprint

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service pledged to slash carbon footprint by a quarter in just 3 years.

We protect the communities of South Wales every single day – but did you know that we’re looking after everyone’s future, too.

South Wales Fire and Rescue (SWFRS) is committed to reducing our environmental impact and are pledging to reduce our carbon footprint by 25% in just three years.

Whether we are thinking of how to travel to work, what cup to drink from, where we hold a meeting and the myriad of choices we make in our daily life, having sustainability underpinning every choice we make and every action we take is integral to us delivering our vision, mission and strategic goals.

The new Carbon Reduction Plan for the Service includes making significant changes across all departments for both operational firefighters and corporate staff to take responsibility and make a difference.

The ambition of Welsh Government to be carbon neutral by 2030 will be incredibly challenging but, this year we have calculated our carbon footprint alongside engagement with our staff has helped identify where we need to change our behaviour and how to do it. This has helped the Service to prioritise key areas to focus on.

Over the last few years our electricity consumption has already been reduced by 20% and gas consumption by 25% with LED lighting now in place and boiler systems replaced with newer and more efficient models. This includes solar panels fitted at Stations, implementing sensor driven kit-drying rooms as part of new refurbishments and replacing the use of hand towels and paper towels by opting for more efficient hand drying units, reducing our waste streams.

Within the plan, the focus will be on our; fleet and travel management, innovative technology, procurement and finance processes, waste reduction, supplies and equipment and water usage.

Geraint Thomas, Head of Finance, Procurement and Property for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service who is leading on the project said: “We all have a shared responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and I cannot stress enough how important the contribution of staff has been to us in developing this plan, helping us to identify where we need to change our behaviours and how we can do this. Working together we can ensure we all play our part in protecting the environment for the future.”

Further information regarding the Service Carbon Reduction Plan 2020-2023 is available on our website here.