Quacking Rescue in Pontypridd

Firefighters worked alongside RSPCA to rescue a flock of tiny ducklings after they fell into a storm drain in Pontypridd. 

At approximately 2:14pm on Thursday 5 May 2022, On-Call Firefighters from Pontypridd Fire and Rescue Station attended the scene of an animal rescue on Burns Way in Pontypridd.

Upon arrival, crews met with an inspector from the RSPCA and discovered five tiny ducklings – thought to be about a week old – trapped in the storm drain after they had followed their mother across the road. A motorist called the RSPCA for help after witnessing the ducklings fall and disappear from view.

Our crews worked effectively alongside the RSPCA to strategize and successfully rescue the five ducklings. Firefighters partially closed the road so that they could safely conduct the rescue operation.

Thankfully, all five ducklings were rescued and enticed out by duck noises which the officers played to them on their mobile phones.

RSPCA Inspector, Sophie Daniels, said:

“These sorts of rescues take time and patience because the ducklings can disappear along connecting side pipes, which is what they kept doing. So we got out our mobile phones and started playing duck sounds to try and entice them back into the main chamber where I could reach them.

We were there for a good couple of hours, but the firefighters were absolutely determined to get them all out. The drain was too heavy for me to lift on my own, and it’s quite a fast country road, so their support was fantastic.

It was a real team effort and everyone was really pleased when we finally brought all the ducklings to the surface with nothing more than a few ruffled feathers. It’s another reminder of what we can do together for animal welfare.  As always, we are incredibly grateful to the Fire Service for the compassion and care shown by their officers when we need to call on them for help.”

Because it’s highly unlikely the mother duck remained in the same place, the rescued ducklings will stay in RSPCA care before being transferred to a local wildlife charity where they will be looked after before they are old enough to be re-released.

If you see an animal in distress, please do not attempt the rescue yourself. Instead, please contact your local RSPCA centre. Their dedicated experts can provide the best advice and will contact us directly if our support is required. We will continue to work alongside our partners to help protect wildlife and keep South Wales safe.

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