Merthyr Firefighters Raising Money for Local Boy Battling Cerebral Palsy

Merthyr Firefighters Raising Money for Local Boy Battling Cerebral Palsy

Crews at Merthyr Fire and Rescue Station welcomed a very special little guest to the station earlier this month.

Denny-Luke Walsh (3), who has been diagnosed with diplegia cerebral palsy, had a memorable visit to the station with his family and met the crews and even sat in a fire engine! His condition means that he doesn’t have full use of his legs and can’t yet stand or walk unaided. Denny-Luke’s mum, Jessica, thanked crews and expressed how much he enjoyed the visit, saying: “Denny-Luke really enjoyed the visit to the fire station, he had so much fun.”

Denny-Luke and his family have been advised that he would be suitable for surgery called SDR that would drastically improve his life and allow him to be more mobile. However, before he can have this surgery, Denny-Luke needs to strengthen his legs and requires a number of private and very expensive physiotherapy sessions.

In an effort to help Denny-Luke and his family afford the physiotherapy sessions, Merthyr Fire and Rescue Station are holding a watt bike challenge at the local Tesco on Saturday, February 29th. So far, there are 16 volunteers who have signed up for the challenge but the organisers are still looking for additional staff to join the cause! Each rider will cycle for 15 minutes and the event will run for approximately seven hours.

All monies raised will be split between The Firefighter’s Charity and funding Denny’s physiotherapy sessions.