Latest updates from the National Resilience deployment to Greece

Here are the latest updates from our teams in the National Resilience deployment to Greece including images and video footage.

Our firefighters are continuing to help tackle the ongoing wildfires in Greece alongside teams from Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, London Fire Brigade and West Midlands Fire Service.

Firefighters deployed to Greece are now in Peloponnese, Southern Greece, and are using a range of skills to help their Greek colleagues.

All members of the deployment are fit and well and the teams are operating on a rotation to safeguard against heat and exhaustion.

After identifying ‘hotspots’, the team have been using specialist tools to remove vegetation and create firebreaks that will help prevent the movement of embers into unaffected areas. This will help protect and secure the people and properties in the surrounding areas.

Due to the constant change in weather, specifically rising temperatures and the change in wind speed and direction, the situation is constantly being assessed by the team.

Sky News filmed with the National Resilience deployment and the team utilised the Drone to assess the areas and help identify further fire movement.

The National Fire Chief Council responded to a formal request from the Home Secretary to give operational assistance to Greece.

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