Mission Statement

  • To engage and educate young people in the dangers of Arson, Car Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour.
  • Relating their actions to Consequences showing people the aftermath of their instinctive behaviour.
  • Getting young people to work as a team, raising self-motivation, communication skills and the sense of achieving something positive.

Group Suitability

Crimes and Consequences is first and foremost aimed at young people who may be on the cusp of offending or at risk of re-offending, therefore it will be open to the Youth Offending Services, Secure Units, Pupil Referral Units, Probation Services, NEET Groups, alternative education establishments and any other agency engaging with young people residing in a Community First area.

The project is aimed at:

  • Reducing the number of deliberate fires, fire service related anti-social behaviour and targeted criminal activity
  • Engaging young people aged between 11-25 who are known to offend, are at risk of offending or are living in disadvantaged communities
  • Educating young people who are displaying risky or challenging behaviour
  • Reducing the number of injuries and fatalities involving young drivers and passengers or those involved in vehicle crime

What does the project offer?

  • Between 1 and 6 hours of targeted intervention
  • Utilises a variety of engagement tools such as interactive DVD’s, group discussions and real life case studies covering the 3 core subjects of Arson, Vehicle Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Key message delivery using alternative engagement such as the Firefighter for a Day course or pop up/doorstep sports
  • Offers the opportunity to gain valuable and social skills, such as working within a team, problem solving and communication skills

For further information please see the Crimes & Consequences Pack.


Crimes & Consequences deliver classroom based workshops on a variety of different topics. Workshops run between 1-6 hours to young participants aged 11-25.

Doorstep Sports

Doorstep sports is an activity which is based on social inclusion intervention. This activity provides vibrant and varied sporting opportunities to young people in disadvantaged communities to increase their motivation.

Firefighter for a Day

The team run a full day intense course that covers many aspects of firefighting, team building, confidence building and education whilst working on a fire service drill ground.