Wildfire experts descend on the Welsh Capital

Delegates from across the world will descend on Cardiff next week (Nov 18-22) to discuss the global impact of wildfire and how we can tackle by working together.

The week-long programme of events, championed by The England and Wales Wildfire Forum, is being hosted by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

Alongside meetings of key international specialists including the Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe, the UK Wildfire Research Group and the European Forest Institute, the week will include an international wildfire conference, entitled Manage the Fuel: Reduce the Risk, held at the prestigious Principality Stadium, Cardiff (Wednesday November 20 and Thursday November 21, 2019).

The conference has attracted much interest from wildfire professionals and researchers from across the world and it will encourage collaboration and sharing of skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on how wildfire incidents across the globe are tackled in the future. 24 speakers will present at the two-day event, covering a wide-range of topics.

The England and Wales Wildfire Forum indicates that the worldwide threat and impact of wildfires has increased significantly in recent years and climate change, socio- economic influences and diversification of land uses may have contributed to this. The Forum has stated it is therefore even more important for all agencies, public, private and voluntary, to engage in dialogue and share best practice to reduce the risk of damage from wildfire, through a considered and holistic land management strategy.

The Conference is set to be a unique opportunity to share a broad view of how effective and coordinated land management can have a positive impact on reducing the threat and consequences of wildfires.
For more information: https://www.southwales-fire.gov.uk/ewwf-wildfire-conference-2019/