Fire at Plastic Recycling Plant in Blaenavon Extinguished Following a Multi-Agency Response

Fire at Plastic Recycling Plant in Blaenavon Extinguished Following a Multi-Agency Response

At approximately 9:39pm on the 4th of September 2021, we responded to reports of a large scale fire at a recycling plant in Kays And Kears Industrial Estate, Blaenavon.

Firefighters were deployed to the scene to tackle the fire involving approximately 600 tonnes of recycled plastics.

Due to the scale of the fire, the materials alight continued to smoulder and crews worked in partnership to strategize and decide a course of action.

A range of specialist equipment including aerial ladder platforms, high volume pumps and numerous fire appliances were utilised to help tackle the fire and secure the area.

In partnership with Natural Resources Wales (NRW), Gwent Police and Public Health Wales (PHW) our crews worked together to reduce the risk to the environment.

A stop message was received at 12:24pm on the 5th of September 2021 and it was confirmed that the fire had been extinguished.

A clean-up process is now underway and we would like to remind local residents that the recycling plant remains closed at this time and to follow any guidance from NRW and PHW regarding the surrounding area.

Natural Resources Wales are continuing to work on a number of measures to help minimise the impact of pollution to the local environment. As a safety precaution, residents nearby were asked to keep their windows and doors closed due to an accumulation of smoke in the area, this measure has now been lifted.

Anyone who may have any environmental concerns can get in touch with Natural Resources Wales by calling 0300 065 3000, which is open 24 hours a day.

The site will remain closed as a precaution to allow for a full clean-up operation and to ensure that the area is made safe.

Fire investigators have re-inspected the area on multiple occasions over the course of the weekend and will be on site this morning to provide further checks.

Crews, alongside our partners, would like to thank local residents and the community for their patience and support.