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The vast majority of Children and young people lead safe positive and productive lives. However there is a small minority of children and young people who are involved in anti-social fire crime behaviour putting themselves and their communities in danger. South Wales Fire & Rescue Service has already achieved a great deal through the delivery of youth intervention schemes increasing confidence and self esteem among young people, improving their interpersonal and vocational skills and providing a sense of direction and self respect. The young people become more motivated and positive about themselves, which in turn has the effect of making them better citizens.

Deprivation and risk from both accidental and deliberate fire go hand in hand. South Wales Fire & Rescue Service working with Key Stakeholders such as the Youth Offending Service, Pupil Referral Units, Parc Prison, and Youth Inclusion Programmes are all working towards the following goals;

  • Preventing young people being harmed or killed in accidental fires or causing fires through ignorance or carelessness.
  • Preventing children and young people becoming involved in fire crime and associated anti-social behaviour
  • To work co-operatively to maximize the impact of resources on improving outcomes
  • To fully evaluate the effect of the initiatives and intervention with partners

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