Who is it aimed at? 

The course is aimed at young people with fire related issues such as hoax calls and arson, or for those with anti social or offending behavior.

What are the course objectives?

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service are committed to making our communities the safest places to live work and visit, to achieve this we have developed a multi faceted approach to engage with our communities.

This project is part of that approach and seeks to educate and inform young people about the hazards associated with fire and the wider issues surrounding community safety.

By exploring and challenging their own personal limitations through the activities they undertake throughout the week, young people learn to improve their social skills, think more independently and also think about others around them. This process often reveals hidden qualities that perhaps before have never had the opportunity to be brought to the surface. It can uncover confident leaders, considerate individuals, sharp minds and articulate thinkers.

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