Feedback from Referral Agencies

I would like to thanks all of the staff worked with the young people. Very professional and engaging with young people who are not good at completing activities and programmes.


 It has been great and the young people have learnt and gained many new skills, confidence awareness and knowledge around the fire service, respect and consequences of their actions.


The staff were excellent, all the young people really enjoyed and we had a brilliant week, would definitely recommend the project."


 Very professional programme, Young People are valued on the course.


 Very professional and friendly, good partnership working thank you.


 The relationship between fire fighters and young people has massive positive effect on behaviour.


 You will be pleased to know the CSP scrutiny committee will be made aware as an example of good practise.


The change in the group has been tremendous and your team has truly inspired our group. You have all managed to engage and motivate the group and change their perceptions of people in authority. You have also managed to change the career choices of 4 of the group!

Please keep up the outstanding work that you are doing within the community.


Absolutely the best course I have ever put young people on to challenge disruptive behaviour.


Brilliant programme the young people enjoyed it thoroughly, has been an eye opener to how well these young people can work together.


Feedback from Young People

It was fun and I will have to think about safety a little more.


It was good working with fire fighters.


I enjoyed working with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service because the people are very nice and I learnt how to work as a team.

I really enjoyed learning new things and having a little insight at what the Fire Service do.

I enjoyed it because we got to do a lot of practical work.


I want it to go on longer like 2 weeks, 3 weeks or more.

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Work is currently underway to deliver accreditation with Agored Cymru for the project.

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