Crimes and Consequences Project 

Arson, Car Crime and Anti Social Behaviour are 3 of the main issues that affect the Communities of South Wales every year.

  • On average there are 3592 Grass Fires in South Wales each year
  • South Wales is one of the highest areas affected by Anti social behaviour in the UK with between 74,000 - 113,000 cases per 1000 residents in 2009.
  • Road traffic collisions are the biggest killer of 17-25 year olds and the second biggest killer of 5-14 year olds (after cancer).

Crimes and Consequences is an innovative new project aimed at reducing the number of deliberate fires and fire related anti-social behaviour, such as attacks on Fire-fighters and hoax calls.

The project will engage with 2000 Young People aged between 11 and 25, educating them on the dangers of involvement in the 3 core subjects. Through participative sessions the young people explore reasons and behaviours that may lead to involvement in the topics and are encouraged to openly express their views and opinions.

Session Overview

The project will offer between 1 to 6 hours of intervention to groups (tailored to needs) of young people between the ages of 11 and 25 in South Wales' 10 Unitary Authorities.

Utilizing a variety of delivery tools such as interactive DVD’s, group discussion, peer review, and real life incidents it will aim to educate young people about the consequences of their action and how situations that they may find themselves in could impact on themselves their family and their community.

Main topics covered

  • Arson
  • Car Crime
  • Hoax Calls
  • Attacks on Firefighters
  • Deliberate Grass Fires
  • Secondary Fires
  • Anti-social behaviour

It is possible a tour of the groups local fire station can be arranged, this will enable the group to understand more fully the role of the Fire-fighter in their community.


             Contact Details

01443  232000

E-mail: CRIMES&

Mission Statement

To engage and educate young people in the dangers of Arson, Car Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour. 

Relating their actions to Consequences showing people the aftermath of their instinctive behaviour.

Getting young people to work as a team, raising self-motivation, communication skills and the sense of achieving something positive.

Group Suitability

Crimes and Consequences is first and foremost aimed at young people who may be on the cusp of offending or at risk of re-offending, therefore it will be open to the Youth Offending Services, Secure Units, Pupil Referral Units, Probation Services, NEET Groups, alternative education establishments and any other agency engaging with young people residing in a Community First area.


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