How safe are you and your family? 

Ask yourself these questions and decide how well you are protecting yourself, family and home from fire.  What changes do you need to make?


Do you have working smoke alarms on every level of your home?

Do you check their batteries every week?

Do you dust and vacuum your smoke alarms regularly?

Do you have a home fire escape plan?

Does everyone in your home know the plan?

Do you practise your escape plan regularly?

Do you check your appliances and power leads regularly for malfunctions or damage?

If you have security doors or windows, are the keys left in or next to the locks when you are in the house?

Do you make sure that any cooking is never left unattended?

Do you keep clothing and furnishings away from heaters?

Do you regularly check your electric blanket?

Do you switch off any electrical equipment at night prior to going to bed?



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