Older Person's Fire Safety 

Fire safety awareness for older persons ~ Equal but Different

In every unitary authority of SWF&RS area more than 30% of our customers are older persons. This vulnerable group needs customised information for their circumstances.

Not all older persons will have the same requirements – remember that WAG deems 50+ as the start this section of our population. Yet older persons’ needs often differ with health as much as age. We can loosely divide older persons into 3 groups.

Stage 1: 50-64- most people are still active and have sufficient cognitive skills to receive main stream fire safety awareness.

Stage 2: 65-74 – Many of this group are less active and more adversely affected by change. Encourage them to re-assess their fire safety, especially after loss of a partner or after illness or disability.

Stage 3: 75+ -Many of this group can be housebound. ISOLATION is a major concern. Here our partner agencies can help us protect this group. Take extra f time and care for HFSCs .

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