Forest School 

What's involved?
Primary school children from Year 4 ( age 8-9) will attend the Forest School one day a week over a 4 week period. Over the school year, the whole of Year 4 will attend. They will be accompanied by a representative of their school and  will be transported to and from the site by Fire Service mini bus. Two members of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service who are qualified Level 3 Forest School Practitioners will be delivering the project. The children will be supervised throughout the day and will take part in a variety of fun activities in an outdoor situation such as den building, camp fire cooking and team building activities.  The children will also be involved in the use of tools which aims to build confidence and self awareness.

What are the course objectives?

The course objectives are:-

  • To give children an experience and knowledge of the outdoor environment.
  • To increase self esteem, motivation, concentration levels and to enhance a positive mental attitude.
  • To instil a respect and appreciation for the natural environment which surrounds us.

Our expectations are that the appreciation  acquired  for the environment  will lead to a perception of the natural environment as a recreational resource which needs to be looked after, thus reducing deliberate grass fires. It is also hoped that a positive experience of working with South Wales Fire & Rescue Service will also help to reduce attacks on Firefighters

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