Education Services 

Education Services

Education Services offer an extensive menu of opportunities for the public to engage with fire safety issues from Early Years to post-retirement.  From children playing with matches to groups of youths setting fire to the countryside, we offer a vivid series of scenarios that may be accessed by teachers or delivered directly by our highly skilled and experienced team of education advisors.

For more mature audiences we can provide a series of informal talks targeting particular forms of behaviour that may be giving cause for concern.  We also offer seminars on aspects of the work of the Fire & Rescue Service that are instructive to students preparing for vocational qualifications.

Other initiatives aimed at young people aged from 14 upwards aim to heighten awareness of the dangers of deliberate fire setting, hoax calling and illegal driving. We have secured funding from the Welsh Assembly Government to develop a range of films and dvd’s that can be used to drive our messages home, many scripted and acted out by young people in schools.

Reflecting our commitment to the Diversity agenda, we also offer information on our services through a variety of ethnic minority languages and maintain a visible presence at multi ethnic events such as Cardiff MELA and  minority ethnic celebrations in Newport. We provide visible support at annual events such as the Eisteddfod and the LGBT Mardi Gras in Cardiff which provide valuable opportunities to get our safety messages across to a wide and varied audience.

Our team is also at the forefront of Safeguarding issues through the implementation of procedures to protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse of any kind.

We also make strenuous efforts to engage with both private industry and pro-social government agencies to give talks and presentations aimed at raising awareness of safety issues and thereby reducing risk. Hospitals and residential homes, large scale businesses and the Probation Service are among those making use of our input.


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