Over the course of the year. The Fire crime unit working in conjunction with Trading Standards and the two Police forces that operate within the South Wales area have confiscated approximately  £60,000 pounds of fireworks. The Fire Crime Unit has dedicated officers who dispose of fireworks.

  • Hundreds of people across Britain are injured in incidents involving fireworks each year and more than half of those injured are children. South Wales Fire and Rescue Service through the Fire Crime Unit are dedicated to ensuring that fireworks are always stored, sold and used in a safe and responsible way, and we work with partner agencies across the South Wales Region in preparation for major events such as Guy Fawkes Night, Diwali, New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year.
  • The key to reducing numbers of injuries and tackling the anti-social use of fireworks is co-operation and good communication between all the agencies involved. We have been working with the 10 unitary authorities within the South Wales Fire Service borders and also the Community Safety Partnership to develop and share best practice on the issue.
  • As time progresses the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service will be working with, the South Wales Police, Gwent Police and Trading Standards to co-ordinate press work and firework safety messages. We want to encourage young people, their parents and carers and all the communities to have fun but safe firework celebrations.


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Tel: 01443  232000 and ask for a member of the Fire Crime Unit.

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