Fire Watch 

The Fire Watch scheme was established to young people to value their school and works by giving selected pupils special permission to have an “access all areas pass” and to report potential fire hazards to school staff. 

The young people are trained by their local Fire Station personnel and report any issues of concern to the Head Teacher or a nominated deputy.  Since its introduction, the communities of South Wales have seen a significant drop in school fires thanks to the efforts of teaching staff, pupils and Fire Station personnel.

Deliberate School Fires

Deliberate fires in schools and educational buildings, based on indicative figures provided by the Welsh FRSs, the financial cost of these fires over the three year period 2009/10 to 2011/12 is estimated as follows:

Estimated cost (£millions) of deliberate fires in Schools and Educational Buildings

Fire Service




North Wales £0.16 £0.32 £0.37
Mid and West Wales £0.37 £0.32 £0.37
South Wales £0.95 £1.06 £0.42
Total £1.49 £1.70 £1.17

As a result target hardening activities at schools in Wales was introduced to reduce the level of risk from arson at a school, supported by funding from the Welsh Government a cost savings estimated in the region of £320,000 have been realised (comparing 2009/10 to 2011/12).

However, the impact of a school fire is significant and includes ‘costs, which are not recorded in the figures above, e.g. the impact on education and learning, the impact on the well-being of children and staff and the impact on the wider community. It is also worth noting that a deliberate fire resulting in the total loss of one school could cost the wider economy millions of pounds in re-build costs alone.

(Stats taken from WARS2)


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