Fire Crime Intelligence 

Mosaic Public Sector is a dataset which supplies the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service with vast amounts of information that will allow us to effectively target those most at risk within our communities. 

The dataset, Mosaic, classifies every UK postcode and it’s population into 69 distinct “types” and 15 groups.  These “types” identify groups of individuals and households that are as similar as possible to each other and as different as possible to any other group.  They describe the residents of a postcode in terms of their typical demographics, their behaviours and their lifestyle characteristics and attitudes.

Mosaic Public Sector also utilises key public sector datasets and research surveys that include:

  • The British Crime Survey
  • Hospital episodes statistics
  • Index of multiple deprivation
  • Higher Education Statistics Authority

Mosaic is an invaluable tool in analysing and understanding a populations demographics, lifestyle and needs at a local level.  All individuals are different but their key characteristics are generally captured by Mosaic.  Mosaic will provide organisations in both the private and public sector with the means of targeting scarce resources most effectively.

The demand on Fire and Rescue Services throughout the UK is to become increasingly proactive in preventing fires and reducing risk.  A sophisticated understanding of the population would allow South Wales Fire and Rescue service to describe the lifestyle and behaviour of their population ranging from the household composition and their likelihood to smoke to their recreational activities and the supermarkets they shop in.  This enables SWFRS to understand the type and the level of service that each citizen may require.  By understanding the needs and characteristics of their population SWFRS can develop a targeted approach to home fire risk assessments so that we can engage effectively via the most appropriate channel.  This approach will allow us to proactively engage the public to help reduce risk and ultimately prevent fires.  The in-depth insight into every citizen available through Mosaic will allow us as an organisation to understand which message to target to which group of the population and in what way to deliver the message.

Mosaic will allow SWFRS to identify any significant patterns between residential fires and socio-demographic type.  Analysis using Mosaic will allow SWFRS to predict the level of fire risk by individual household and give us a great strategic control of the allocation of resources.  Mosaic will also assist the prioritisation of where community safety visits take place and ensure safety messages are positioned where those most at risk will see them in locations such as bingo halls and local markets.  Tailored messaging will ensure that the fire service is reaching the most relevant publics and ensure that resources are not wasted on untargeted communications activity.

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