Fire Crime Bikes

Bike Patrols 

Members of the Fire Crime Unit (FCU) are getting on their bikes as part of a new initiative addressing the growing problem of deliberate grass fires to areas where there is a problem. We are hoping high visibility patrols by staff on mountain bikes will reduce the problem.

The Fire Crime Unit will be able to talk to youngsters and highlight the dangers – loss of life, danger to property and risk to fire crews.

The Fire Crime Unit will be working with their partner agencies carrying out bespoke operations with the Police and other agencies.

"Deliberately set fires place a significant strain on our resources. We must reduce the number of these types of incidents before life is lost either as a result of a deliberate fire, or our resources being diverted to such a fire and not being available when needed somewhere else."

Whilst on duty the FCU will engage with young people in high arson activity areas, report on signs of arson activity and help implement strategies to prevent future occurrences as well as giving a positive, pro-active image of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service. They will also carry out educational activities and work in collaboration with other local agencies to help meet the growing fire safety needs of its rural and urban communities.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the FCU to make a real difference to the safety of their community and to work with community groups in a wider variety of settings than ever before. All of those involved in the project are looking forward to tackling the issues of arson and delivering the fire safety message to the communities and groups that need it most.”

While out on their bikes FCU members will be putting our expert knowledge to use by alerting the relevant agencies if they come across piles of rubbish, grass cuttings or vulnerable buildings and vehicles - all of which are potential targets for arsonists.

Hoping that this will make a significant contribution towards its own and its partners’ work concerning arson and anti-social behaviour. It is hoped that the multi-agency approach, to remove arson targets from streets and public places, will lead to a reduction in the number of deliberately started fires.

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Tel: 01443  232000 and ask for a member of the Fire Crime Unit.

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