What is Pass Plus Cymru 

Pass Plus Cymru has been developed to offer a lot more than the basic Pass Plus scheme.

What’s Involved:

Pass Plus consists of six modules about driving in different conditions:

  in town at night
in all weathers  on dual carriageways
  on rural roads on motorways

A group discussion forum (compulsory) held on local fire stations

Up to 3 hours with an experienced driver trainer.

In a group of up to 20 young drivers.

The interactive session covers all 6 elements of the Pass Plus Scheme, defensive driving issues, as well as looking at driving attitude.
On-the-road training

Following the theory session participants will be appropriately paired.  Each pair will go on to spend a whole day, or two half-day sessions, taking turns with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) carrying out on-road driver training. This is done as soon as possible after the evening theory input.

The on road training will cover the Pass Plus modules as well as dealing with other situations as they occur.

You will be treated at all times as a fully qualified driver!
Why should I do it?

As well as reducing your road risk and helping you gain valuable experience and skills, on completion of the course each candidate will be issued with a Certificate of Achievement as well as the Pass Plus Certificate. This will allow you to claim the benefits outlined under the Pass Plus Scheme.

The cost of the whole course is £20, a massive discount from the normal cost of between £120 and £150 (Made possible by a special road safety grant from the Welsh Assembly Government).



To join the course you must:

 Be between the ages of 17-25

 Hold a full driving licence

 Live in Wales

Related Information


If you meet the criteria, simply visit:

www.dragondriver.com  or

phone 0845 050 4255 to see when the next course is running in your area.

Before you know it you will be driving with increased awareness, more skill and greater safety!

Page Last Updated on 14/9/2011