What its about 

Vehicle Crime Awareness Days exist to get an invited audience of young offenders who have already been involved in vehicle crime or are borderline offending, to think about the consequences of their actions, for themselves and others should they commit vehicle-related crimes.  Evidence over the past few years shows that they are a highly effective way of getting young offenders to really consider the impact of their actions.

In 2009 the Welsh Fire and Rescue Services attended 7126 Road Traffic Collisions, many of which involved serious or fatally injured members of our communities.  There is often a strong link between these incidents and car crime offenders.

The all day event covers a wide range of activities including an inmate, who is serving a life sentence, in prison to tell their story on the living environment and difficulties they go through on a day to day basis. There is also the opportunity to meet a mother who lost her son as a result of a fatal road traffic collision as she talks about the grief she and her family suffers.

The Fire Service show a number of videos and talk about the consequences that vehicle crime/car crashes can have on people, this is known as the ‘the knock on effect’. The Ambulance Service then display a number of pictures (some graphic) and talk about what injuries can be sustained in a car crash, if you were not wearing your seatbelt or speeding.

The day has proved to be an absolute success.  Some young people who would normally not consider engaging with such services, such as the Police, have been happy to take part in all activities and have shown positive enthusiasm throughout the day.

The young people are praised for their efforts, receiving a certificate for their attendance and are given a quiz at the end of the day.  The winner is then given a prize.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service are happy to be involved in the car crime awareness days and will continue to offer our support.

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