The Facts 

Fact In 2011-12 South Wales Fire and Rescue Service attend 1,311 Road Traffic Collisions resulting in:

 778 Casualties

 28 Killed

 171 Seriously Injured

 486 Slightly Injured

A minor injury is whiplash a broken bone, lacerations, stitches bruises etc. Anything that doesn’t involve an overnight hospital stay.

It is predominantly boys who are being killed but increasingly girls are dying after driving too fast or especially as front seat passengers of boys!

 Human error is the cause of collisions in 80% of cases. 

 Pure accidents are in the minority. 

 Collisions are avoidable by drivers being more safety conscious and responsible.

 Road Traffic Collisions affect the family of the deceased, friends, work colleagues, employers and even the emergency service personnel who have to deal with the incident.


Fact Who gets affected by a car crash

Who get affected by a car crash? The Deceased, Wife/Husband, Children, Mum and Dad, Brothers, Sisters, 




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