Road Safety Pledge 

The Road Safety Team has recently acquired a new Road Safety vehicle to assist them with their new Road Safety related initiative. The Mercedes Sprinter van has been wrapped with a Road Safety Message and Pledge in an aim to improve driving standards on the roads of Wales.

The Road Safety Message highlights the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving and encourages drivers to switch off their phones before driving off. This new initiative has been introduced to raise road user’s attitudes and awareness of the dangers of using a mobile device whilst driving, whilst also highlighting the possible consequences should drivers choose to ignore the safety message. On the rear of the van is a link to our website where under the Road Safety section both drivers and passengers can complete a Pledge. The Pledge supports our campaign to drive safely whilst helping to prevent dangerous driving and reduce Road Traffic Collisions. The van will mainly be used to tow our crashed car on a trailer, but will also accompany our Cruize Car on events across Wales.

Whether you are a driver or passenger please sign our Pledge to prevent dangerous driving and help put a stop to road traffic injuries.


Page Last Updated on 03/7/2017