The three Fire and Rescue Services in Wales have been working together in partnership with Police and Road Safety Officers to educate the public about road safety.

Emergency services join forces in operation ‘Options’ to educate the public about how small changes to their driving can keep themselves and others alive. Police officers are positioned outside Fire Stations within towns and cities that statistically have some of the highest levels of Road Traffic Collisions in Wales.

These police officers stop any drivers who are not wearing seatbelts and offer them an “option”:

Option 1:

The offender can agree to pay the fine.

Option 2:

The offender can attend the local Fire Station and watch a ten minute presentation on the devastating consequences of not wearing a seatbelt.

Option’s Aims:

The aim of this safety initiative is to inform you of the dangers and consequences of Not wearing a seatbelt.

The objective is to reduce the number of those killed and seriously injured on our roads.

We want to educate rather than prosecute. 

Current Legislation:

  • Driver and front seat passengers must wear a seatbelt
  • Adults in the rear must wear a seatbelt
  • Responsibility of the adult passenger (14 or over) not the driver
  • Child up to 3 years of age - correct child restraint must be used
  • Child from 3rd birthday up to 135 cm in height (4’5”) correct child restraint 
  • Fixed Penalty of up to £60
  • Maximum Penalty of up to  £500.


  • Without a seatbelt, in a collision, you will be thrown forward with the force of between 30 to 60 times your bodyweight.
  • 1300 times more likely to receive C-Spine injuries.
  • Serious injury or often fatal results
  • While the back seat is the safest place to ride in a car, unbelted back seat passengers risk serious injury and pose a potentially fatal threat to others during a crash.


  • Hopefully you won’t have a collision
  • But what would happen if you did?
  • The collision doesn’t have to be your fault to kill you.

REMEMBER - The real collision happens inside the car

Reasons given for not wearing seatbelt or using mobile phone:

  • Rushing around
  • I forgot
  • Never use my seat belt
  • Was in a rush
  • Old school
  • Don’t think of consequences
  • Was plugging in my hands free
  • None
  • Don’t like them as feel restricted
  • Could not be bothered
  • I wear a seat belt always, I will never hold phone in hand again
  • Didn’t realise it was so important
  • Being a coach driver I forgot
  • Laziness
  • Van driver thought I was exempt
  • Was travelling short distance
  • Didn’t think
  • Work for local authority, in and out of vehicle
  • Bad habit
  • Short journey
  • Think it’s ok not to
  • Distraction
  • Did not think of using it
  • Mind elsewhere
  • Didn’t check child’s seat belts
  • Uncomfortable
  • Just left work
  • Having a bad day
  • They irritate
  • Thought in lorry you didn’t need to

None of the above suffice!!

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