Dangers of Speeding 

FactThe faster your speed, the harder the impact!

The faster your speed, the harder the impact!Speeding is one of the biggest banes of driving. What Are The Dangers Of Speeding? The biggest dangers of speeding are serious injuries and fatalities.

With each increase in the miles per hour over the prescribed speed limit, you are at a greater risk of meeting with an accident. According to certain statistics, every 10 mph that a driver drives over the speed limit of 50 mph, he increases his risk of dying in a car crash two times. For instance, if you are travelling at 80 mph the chances of dying in a car crash increases 8 times.

Driving over a set speed limit is something many people do without thought of the consequences.  When you lose someone you love due to speeding, the consequences last the rest of your life.

The next time you get behind the wheel and are running late, avoid the temptation to ignore the speed limit.  Your family and friends would rather you be late than have to go to your funeral.

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