Biker Down 

The Biker Down course is an educational and engagement tool aimed primarily at the motorcycle community with the focus on contributing to the reduction in the number of KSI’s (killed and seriously injured) involving motorcyclists in the SWF&RS area and is delivered by Operational Firefighters.

The course is comprised of three modules:

  • Managing an Accident Scene
  • First Aid
  • The Science of Being Seen

The course aims to give participants a better understanding of what to do if they come across a road traffic collision and how to manage it safely.

The course also promotes advanced rider skills courses in conjunction with our other road safety partner agencies.

The course is free and on completion of the course the participants will get a certificate of attendance and a free first aid kit.

Dates of the course will be available on the Organisations web site and via our face book page.

Interested parties will be able to book places on the course via our e mail address: to book your slot. Or telephone 02920 250600 once the dates of these courses are announced.

Cardiff Central Fire and Rescue Station -  Monday 12th December 2016 - 18:30 - 21:30


"Thank you for putting on such an excellent course. It was well prepared and well delivered by friendly, approachable and knowledgeable people. The classroom work was valid and informative. The practical aspects of CPR; Triage and wound management and removing a helmet at the scene were invaluable. I would thoroughly recommend this course to other Bikers." 

Anne Llewellyn-Edwards

"Hi Guys I just wanted to let you know that tonight I attended the first of the Biker Down First Aid courses in Cardiff Central Fire Station, being run by Marc Bolton. I have to say it was a fantastic evening course with him and the rest of the team. It was very friendly and an informal learning event. Learning from they guys who not only save our lives, but ride bikes too, really made it more thoughtful. The theory sessions led to some interesting exchanges of opinions, and then transferring that theory into experiential learning was very useful, by that I mean, the feeling of having my helmet removed really made an impact. Although I was, obviously, conscious, the experience really enhanced the learning. Being told about the CPR app for phones was also enlightening and useful, why is this kind of information more widely available? Again, finding out about the info available on the back of the ride safe signs, it is astounding that this is not more widely known. I thoroughly appreciate all the hard work and effort made by you all to help us be better riders.  Hopefully it is a course that no one will ever need to put in practice, but having more 'tools' at hand is always gratefully appreciated. Cheers guys, I will be recommending this to as many as I can." 


"Attended an excellent course tonight at Cardiff Central Fire Station, run by Marc Bolton and his team. Very comprehensive, and even though I am ex-police, there were a number of points that I hadn't considered with regard to managing a scene of an incident. I especially appreciated the instruction given on how to remove a helmet safely from a non-breathing casualty. Everyone on the group had a chance to practise this, plus resuscitation. Very worthwhile, and I have highly recommended it to everyone in my motorcycle club, Thankyou also for the very welcome and unexpected free gift of a First Aid kit - also, very much appreciated!"

Sue McDonagh

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