Wildfire Unit (including Argo Cat) 

 wildfire unit

Crew: 5
Water Capacity: Land Rover (4x4) - 400litres, Argocat (8x8)- 200litres
Contains: High Pressure Fogging Unit (x2)
Use: Grass Forestry and Heathland Firefighting equipment
Total Number in fleet: 4

The Argocat Avenger 
The avenger is an 8x8 vehicle powered by a 2 cylinder 747cc petrol engine. It can seat four Firefighters who are protected by seat belts and a complete roll-over protection frame.  The vehicle is designed for off-road use in remote areas where it will easily cope with mud and steep gradients.

The argocat can tow a small off-road trailer which carries a fire fogging unit, 60 metre hose reel and 200 litre water tank. 

The water supply will last for approximately 15 minutes of continuous use.  The fire fogging unit is powered by a Honda petrol engine independent of the argocat providing the ability to drive and use the fire fogging unit at the same time. 

It is delivered to incidents on a road trailer towed by a Fire Service Mercedes sprinter 4x4.


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