Welsh collaboration 

Each of the three Fire and Rescue Services in Wales has its own Fire Control.  However, should an emergency occur within one of them; a support network has been developed to ensure that an uninterrupted service is delivered to the Welsh public.  The support network is based upon the use of shared computer systems through the development and delivery of shared staff training.

For example, if a fire broke out and South Wales’ Fire Control had to evacuate, Mid and West Wales’ Fire Control, based in Carmarthen, would take South Wales’ 999 calls and mobilise its fire appliances.  Mid and West Wales would continue to provide help until it was either safe to return to the building or until South Wales staff had travelled to Carmarthen to work from there.

Assistance and support can also be given to each Fire Control if one of them becomes very busy dealing with a large volume of 999 calls and/or a very large incident is being dealt with.

Page Last Updated on 08/7/2014