Resilience and Planning. 

Fire Control has a strong link with the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Resilience and Planning Department (RPD).  The RPD works closely with Control to ensure that the requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) 2004 are understood and complied with.

The CCA 2004 sets out clear expectations and responsibilities for every emergency service at both a local level and nationally.  This means that South Wales Fire and Rescue Service must be ready to deal with a full range of emergencies, from localised incidents through to catastrophic emergencies.  Therefore, Fire Control must make sure that its mobilising procedures and support functions reflect the contents of the CCA 2004 so that it can provide full support to operational crews.

Control Managers attend multi-agency incident commands on a regular, providing support and advice to tactical and strategic managers.  This support reinforces the links between Fire Control and the incident ground and strengthens the critical decision making process.  Many events such as The Ryder Cup and The Olympics have seen this successful partnership prove to be invaluable to both South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and the community it serves.
Page Last Updated on 08/7/2014