Warning to public following a Carbon Monoxide incident in Maesteg 

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) are warning people to be wary of carbon monoxide poisoning after nine people were involved in a carbon monoxide incident.

Firefighters were called to a mid-link terraced property in Maesteg on Thursday evening at around 21:40.

On arrival fire crews detected high levels of Carbon Monoxide in the property, using specialist gas detection equipment, which had passed through into the adjacent property. Firefighters ventilated the property using positive pressure ventilation fans and isolated the gas supply as a further precaution.

Fortunately, the property had been fitted with a working Carbon Monoxide detector which alerted the occupants to the dangers, who then called the Emergency Services.
If you suspect a Carbon Monoxide leak in your home or if your Carbon Monoxide Detector does go off, you should evacuate everyone from the property and call the Emergency Services. The Fire and Rescue Service have professional gas detecting equipment and will be able to detect any gas leaks and ventilate the property.

Officer in charge of the incident, Station Manager, Richie Smart said:

“South Wales Fire and Rescue Service want to advise our local communities to have their gas appliances, fossil fuel and wood burning appliances checked and maintained regularly by a registered engineer and to have their chimneys cleaned regularly.

Although we have excellent detection equipment and highly trained firefighters to deal with incidents of this nature, they are preventable if you follow the correct guidance. With colder nights and Christmas upon us, this is a good time to follow these potentially lifesaving precautionary measures for a happy and safe 2017.”

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Page Last Updated on 28/11/2016