Tragedy avoided after fireworks cause fire in flats 

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) are urging people to be extra vigilant during the firework period after a tragedy was avoided at a block of flats on Wednesday 19th October. Appliances from Cardiff Central Fire and Rescue Station and Roath Fire and Rescue Station responded to an emergency fire call to a block of flats in Heol Staughton near Dumballs Road in Cardiff at 19:47.

Witnesses stated that teenagers were in the area setting off fireworks and that one had caught fire to a balcony.

On arrival, fire crews identified that there were fires on the balconies of two flats. One on the 3rd and 4th floors which were well alight and required the attendance of an aerial platform. South Wales Police were also in attendance.

Firefighters using a main jet and a 45mm jet successfully extinguished the fires and made sure that all persons had been accounted for.

Once the premises had been deemed safe to enter, the occupiers were allowed back into their properties.

Group Manager Matt Jones, Head of the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Fire Crime Unit said,

“We are seeing an increasing number of incidents where fireworks are being misused across South Wales and we urge people to attend an organized display. The illegal purchase and misuse of fireworks can have a devastating impact and effect on people’s lives causing unnecessary distress and fear.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and as part of remaining safe and well over the Bonfire period, we would like to remind people to ensure their doors and windows are closed and that any combustible material or waste is stored away from the property.”

RSPCA Cymru advises owners to keep their pets indoors as the  fireworks season can be stressful for them.

The Service is also asking its communities to be vigilant for any suspicious or anti-social behaviour activity over the Halloween and Bonfire Night period and if they observe any to contact their local Police by either calling a station or contacting 101 to report it.

Operation Bang will be visible in a number of areas across South Wales and South Wales Fire and Rescue Service will be supporting our partners with enforcement and engagement events over the period.

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