South Wales Fire and Rescue Service supports Age Cymru’s campaign with ‘Cold Home Week 2017’ 

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) has partnered up with Age Cymru for the cold month of February to urge Welsh home owners to make themselves aware of the importance of home safety this winter.

‘Cold Home Week 2017 (Stay Safe this Winter)’, a campaign promoted by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, and ‘Spread the Warmth’, a campaign run by Age Cymru, have come together to identify and help tackle the common concerns and problems older home owners face when the harsh winter weather hits.

Each winter, one person dies every seven minutes due to the cold weather. This statistic shows just how seriously we need to consider the safety of our wellbeing when at home in the colder months, and can be easily prevented with the right awareness and information. Both campaigns set out to inform the older public and their family members of the utilities and resources there are out there regarding advice and cautions to take when heating your home more than usual in colder climates. This includes safety on lighting fires, home cooking and using your electricity carefully and efficiently.

Together, Age Cymru and South Wales Fire and Rescue Service are offering the public support during this time, with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service conducting home visits for elderly communities in local areas and Age Cymru providing its free, impartial and independent advice line for people wanting information and advice about keeping themselves and their homes warm.

Group Manager Matthew Jones, Head of Home Safety and Fire Crime at SWFRS stated: “South Wales Fire and Rescue Service are supporting ‘Spread the Warmth’ with ‘Cold Home Week 2017’. Working in partnership with Age Cymru, we hope to make a difference to the lives of the vulnerable in our South Wales communities. SWFRS are committed to supporting the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. Approximately twenty three thousand home visits are conducted by our Personnel every year to ensure that we identify risk and make our communities safer. As part of these visits we would also like to ensure that we think about other services that our communities may need. We are happy to be supporting Age Cymru’s key messages alongside our own and hope this will enable vulnerable people to access the services that they may require.”

Gavin Thomas, Services Manager at Age Cymru says: “We are very happy to be working with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service to help older people across South Wales stay warm during Cold Homes Week. South Wales Fire and Rescue Service will be distributing our Age Cymru Advice calling cards to the homes of people it visits during Cold Homes Week. Age Cymru Advice is our free and impartial telephone service and it can offer information and advice on a range of issues including help with heating costs, saving energy, switching energy suppliers and more – we can even send you a free thermometer card to help you check the temperature in your home.  Just call us today on 08000 223 444 for more information.”

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